For more than 90 years, American Textile Company has focused on bedding that helps you sleep and live better. Our products include pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors, mattress pads, sheets, comforters, blankets, throws, and other bedding accessories. Made with premium materials and distributed worldwide, you have very likely experienced the comfort of American Textile bedding!

  • Pillows
  • Pillow Protectors
  • Mattress Protectors
  • Mattress Pads
  • Comforters
  • Blankets & Throws
  • Accessories
  • Sheets
  • Pillows

    American Textile Company makes pillows to fit every comfort preference in your family. Do you sleep on your back, stomach or side? Like your pillow soft, medium or firm? We have all of those choices and more. Find a retailer near you and get a great night’s sleep with an American Textile Company pillow.
  • Pillow Protectors

    Pillow Protectors
    Extend the life of your favorite pillow or keep a new pillow fresh for longer with a pillow protector made by American Textile Company. Our pillow protectors offer allergy protection, temperature balancing, moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and other benefits.
  • Mattress Protectors

    Mattress Protectors
    Your mattress can be one of the most expensive purchases in your home, and protecting it extends its life and gives you peac of mind. Whether you’re looking for protection from allergens, spills, and stains, or added benefits such as temperature balancing technology, we have a mattress protector that will meet your needs.
  • Mattress Pads

    Mattress Pads
    Protect your mattress and improve your quality of sleep with a mattress pad from American Textile Company. We have mattress pads that will not only extend the life of your mattress, but enhance its comfort as well. With a range of fiber and foam fills, you can find the perfect level of support. In addition, our PerfectGrip® mattress pad skirt offers a durable, tailored fit on any mattress.
  • Comforters

    American Textile believes bedding products should enhance your sleep experience, so we’ve developed comforters with unique qualities, such as temperature balancing, heat reflective and moisture wicking technologies. Our comforters go beyond fill weights to offer personalized comfort. Find a retailer near you to shop our full assortment.
  • Blankets & Throws

    Blankets & Throws
    Whether it’s to stay warm or add the last detail to a newly decorated room, American Textile Company has a blanket or throw for you. We’ve developed blankets and throws in a variety of fabrics with enhanced features like warmth reflection technology that uses your own body heat to warm you faster. Find a retailer near you to shop our full assortment.
  • Accessories

    We go beyond basic bedding. American Textile Company manufactures bedding accessories like sheet straps, bed skirts, bed skirt pins, box spring wraps, and more.
  • Sheets

    American Textile believes bedding products should enhance your sleep expereience, so we’ve developed sheets with unique qualities, such as temperature balancing, cooling and moisture wicking technologies. Our sheets go beyond thread count to offer personalized comfort. Find a retailer near you to shop our full assortment.


Adaptive temperature balancing technology is a patented polymer finish that responds to temperature.

As the temperature rises, Adaptive wicks moisture more quickly to cool you. As the temperature drops, Adaptive binds moisture to insulate and warm you.

Allergy Defense®
Our specially engineered Allergy Defense fabrics create a barrier between you and your bedding to block allergens. AllerEase is a simple, affordable solution for a clean, fresh bed and a comfortable night’s sleep.
ComfortShaper 3D foam clusters hold the shape you create for perfect support. Push the fill to the center to elevate your head, or to the edges to support your neck. Pillows with ComfortShaper offer personalized support, no matter how you sleep.
Cool & Clean®
Cool & Clean combines two highly sought bedding benefits. It offers a high performance wicking technology that provides cooling comfort, with a stain release benefit to keep your bedding looking clean and fresh.
COOLMAX fabrics draw moisture away from the body to the fabric surface for evaporative cooling. COOLMAX fabrics are certified to ensure class-leading performance and outstanding quality.
FreshTech neutralizes multiple odor sources for superior freshness between washings. It uses a patented technology to trap and neutralize the compounds that create smells, leaving your bedding fresh and clean.
RapidCool is a breakthrough fiber that dissipates heat quickly, and is cool to the touch. In fact, it is 80% cooler than polyester and 90% cooler than cotton. RapidCool is a high molecular weight yarn with high thermal conductivity, so you can always find a cool spot in your bed.
WarmZone fabrics have a revolutionary thermo- conductive coating that reflects the heat your own body generates to warm 20% faster than a conventional blanket. It uses FAR infrared technology that requires no cords or electricity!
EternaLoft® hypoallergenic fill provides firm but responsive support, and is engineered for lasting comfort. Machine wash and dryable so that you can renew and refresh your bedding for a clean healthy night’s sleep.
The PerfectGrip™ skirt hugs your mattress to prevent shifting throughout the night. With stretch sidewalls and durable elastic at its base, it offers a secure fit and stands up to laundering for years of comfort and protection.
SilentGard® provides a waterproof layer to protect your mattress against spills and stains. Designed to be ultra thin and quiet, it offers protection you can trust night after night.
EverFluff® down alternative hypoallergenic fill provides a plush, shapeable pillow for personalized support. Machine wash and dryable, it refluffs and rejuvenates for a clean, healthy night’s sleep.