Each April, Americans observe Sleep Awareness Week, but data shows Americans still struggle to get quality sleep.

DUQUESNE, Pa.According to allergen barrier bedding brand AllerEase, only eight percent of Americans always wake feeling well-rested and four in 10 say their sleep is frequently disrupted during the night.* The CDC also reports over a third of Americans are not getting the recommended seven hours of sleep each night.


Swinging weather patterns are a big trigger for sleep disruption this time of year, according to Dr. Neeta Ogden, a board-certified allergist and immunologist.

“Rapid weather changes are stirring up pollen and mold which irritate airways and nasal passages,” said Ogden. “We had a mild winter, which triggered an early allergy season due to pollen growth and release. This causes symptoms like itchy or irritated eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, a scratchy throat, and a runny nose that can make it challenging to sleep through the night.”

Almost half (48%) of those who suffer from allergies say their sleep is frequently disrupted, yet less than one in 10 heed top treatment recommendations from allergists, like using allergen barrier bedding.

“I recommend fully encasing your mattress and pillows with allergen barrier products, such as AllerEase Ultimate, to combat these symptoms and improve your sleep,” added Ogden.


With summer, too, comes humid conditions that cause sleep discomfort and allow for dust mite and mold growth indoors, exacerbating symptoms. Almost half of Americans say they wake up either too hot or too cold (45%), and 52 percent say they take measures like adjusting their fan, heat, or air conditioner in the night to improve sleep.

“AllerEase Ultimate is ideal for changing weather conditions thanks to its temperature balancing technology,” said Ogden. “Its patented technology adjusts continuously to temperature, insulating when you are cool and wicking moisture away when it is warm. It also has antimicrobial protection to inhibit bacteria growth in the fabric.”

“Sales of temperature balancing products have tripled in the last two years,” said Todd Rankin, AllerEase Director of Marketing. “Through our work with allergy sufferers, we understood that protection and comfort were of high interest. AllerEase Ultimate elevates protection benefits with an anti-microbial finish, and uses our exclusive temperature balancing technology to deliver comfort for better sleep.”

For more information on how household allergens affect sleep and wellness, visit www.aller-ease.com.

Survey methodology:

*Survey data comes from an omnibus survey of 1,015 American adults 18+ designed and conducted online by Finn Partners Research, utilizing an online survey panel, developed by ORC International, between July 30 and August 3, 2015, and a one-time survey fielded to the general population in the United States on April 4, 2016 through April 10, 2016 via Google Consumer Surveys publisher network on behalf of AllerEase and American Textile Company, receiving at least 1,509 responses.