Your mattress, pillow, and other fiber-filled bedding items collect pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens over time. That’s why millions of people wake up with a stuffy nose or congestion.

AllerEase® is the #1 selling allergen barrier bedding brand, and our zippered mattress protectors block 99.9% of allergens.

Mattress and Pillow Protectors

AllerEase® mattress protectors use specially designed fabrics that block 99.9% of allergens from collecting in your mattress.

AllerEase® pillow protectors use our specially woven Allergy Defense® fabric to block allergens from collecting in your pillow.

“After reading about all of the allergens that can collect in your mattress, I ordered this and it’s provided me with lots of relief! It was easy to put on, easy to remove & wash when needed. Now I have peace of mind when I lay down at night!”



AllerEase® pillows feature luxurious hypoallergenic fiberfill and our conventional or organic Allergy Defense® fabric to block allergens from collecting in your pillow, so you get a happy, healthy night’s sleep.

“These are by far the best organic pillows. They have the best washing features, cooling features, and great firmness. I’ve purchased overpriced competitors, and they don’t compare!”

Mary Y.

Comforters & Mattress Pads

AllerEase® comforters & mattress pads use comfortable and fluffy hypoallergenic fiberfill, and our allergen-blocking Allergy Defense® fabric make your bed cozy and healthy – just like you’ve always dreamed about!

Product Innovation

Design and materials for enhanced comfort and performance

Allergy Defense® fabric technology

Protects against dust mite matter and other non-living allergens

Purely Clean Pro

Specially designed fabric and zippered encasement block 99.9% of allergens

EternaLoft® and EverFluff® fills

Luxurious, hypoallergenic fiber fills for pillows

Temperature Balancing fabric technology

Dynamic moisture wicking adapts to temperature for continuous comfort

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