Health & Wellness Coach Stephanie Popso Offers Advice to Help Adopt Better Sleep Habits

DUQUESNE, Pa. – With a growing body of science around the importance of sleep for personal wellness issues from physical and mental performance to longevity and learning, Americans are seeking ways to improve their sleep routines – often referred to as “sleep hygiene.” “We’re finding through new research that quality and quantity of sleep are crucial to human function, and yet our modern lifestyles constantly expose us to detractors of restorative sleep, from all-day caffeine intake to late-night exposure to light from electronics and allergen-saturated bedding,” said Stephanie Popso, Health & Wellness Coach, AllerEase Spokesperson. “There are simple changes that can set the stage for more restful sleep.”

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Top tips for improving sleep hygiene, according to Popso, include:

    • Create a good nighttime routine by sticking to a consistent sleep schedule
  • Try to limit nighttime stimulants like electronics an hour before bed
  • Limit caffeine afternoon, its effects can linger into the evening and prevent restful sleep
  • Keep your bed linens clean by washing them in hot water weekly
  • Use a zippered allergen-barrier mattress protector like AllerEase Maximum to prevent dust mites, pollen, and pet dander from collecting in your mattress
  • Take a quick shower at night to rinse hair and skin of irritants before getting into bed
  • Invest in an air purifier that can help rid your indoor air of impurities
  • Limit pet time in the bedroom; if that’s non-negotiable, use allergen barrier bedding to help control pet allergens

According to a survey by AllerEase, 42 percent of Americans say they’ve woken up with allergy symptoms, while one-third (33%) of allergy sufferers report compromised sleep due to their symptoms.** In Michigan, the bountiful vegetation and numerous forests elevate the level of outdoor allergens like tree and plant pollen. “Outdoor and household allergens that collect in your bed can trigger allergy symptoms like a scratchy throat, itchy eyes or a runny nose which can hinder sleep,” said Popso. “I recommend fully encasing mattresses and pillows with allergen-barrier bedding, like AllerEase Maximum protectors. It’s a simple yet effective way to improve your sleep hygiene and get a better night’s rest.” AllerEase is offering a special discount on AllerEase Maximum mattress protectors this summer at Michigan retailers. Check your mail during August and the Sunday paper August 5 and August 19 for special savings. AllerEase Maximum mattress protectors are available in Michigan at Meijer, Target, Kohl’s, Shopko, and Walmart. About AllerEase AllerEase® is the leading brand of allergen barrier bedding. With technically advanced fabrics and construction, AllerEase bedding prevents allergens from settling in your mattress, pillow, and other bedding, where it can collect over time and aggravate allergy symptoms. Available in pillow and mattress protectors, mattress pads, and comforters, all products are third-party lab tested and have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. AllerEase is a simple and convenient solution to reduce exposure to allergens and provide a clean bed and a comfortable night’s sleep. AllerEase is available to Michigan residents in-store at Meijer, Target, Kohl’s, Shopko, and Walmart. Visit for more information or visit our list of Retailers. *Sources: ; Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker, PhD

**Survey methodology: An omnibus survey of 1,015 American adults 18+ was designed and conducted online by Finn Partners Research, utilizing an online survey panel, developed by ORC International, between July 30 and August 3, 2015, on behalf of AllerEase. And, a one-time survey fielded to the general population in the United States on 1/29/15 via Google Consumer Surveys publisher network on behalf of AllerEase and American Textile Company, receiving at least 1,040 responses.