Celebrity Allergy Sufferer Finola Hughes Offers Tips to Reduce Allergens

DUQUESNE, Pa. – As autumn approaches and days cool down, folks begin preparing for the inevitable shift to more home-based activities.

For the 62 million Americans who suffer from indoor allergies and asthma, the warmth of home may be anything but comforting. Summer air can draw scores of dust and allergens into heating ducts, curtains, bedding and carpets — all of which unleash their fury with the first blast of heat from your furnace.

Now is the time to prepare. Just ask allergy sufferer Finola Hughes, daytime Emmy Award-winning actress who hosts the Style Network’s, “How Do I Look?

”Updating your wardrobe for fall is typically a given, but many people overlook the importance of making changes to their homes for the coming months,” says Hughes. “For me, allergy-proofing is essential. Otherwise, I find that my eyes are constantly itching, I’m sneezing, and even worse, I’m often tired throughout the day.”

To allergy-proof your home, Hughes recommends starting with the bedroom since it’s where people spend the majority of their time. She says simple tips like washing sheets weekly in hot water and removing dust magnets like books and clutter have made a significant difference in her health as an allergy sufferer.

It’s also important to keep pets out of the bedroom. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, a whopping 100 percent of U.S. households have detectable levels of dog and cat dander.

Hughes also suggests encasing your pillows and mattresses with allergen-barrier protectors, like AllerEase® allergen filtration products. Hughes prefers the AllerEase brand because it carries products made with cotton fabric, providing cool comfort and breathability while she sleeps, allowing her to feel well-rested and refreshed in the morning.

Backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, AllerEase products are doctor-recommended sleep solutions for allergy and asthma sufferers. Microscopic allergens borne of dust mites, mold, pet dander, pollen and fungal spores are no match for the state-of-art allergen barrier technology and softness of AllerEase products.

“AllerEase products help me forget I’m an allergy sufferer and instead focus on my career and most importantly, my family,” says Hughes. “While allergy-proofing benefits me, I do it because it benefits my family too. Their health and comfort always takes precedence in my life.”

In addition to her tips for allergy-proofing the bedroom, Hughes offers these simple, yet, effective tips to keep allergens in check throughout your home:

  • Substitute blinds or shades, which can be cleaned regularly, in place of draperies or curtains
  • Change filters for heating and air conditioning monthly
  • Crank up the air conditioning on warm days since the units filter incoming air and dehumidify the home
  • Bathe pets weekly to minimize the spread of dander
  • Sanitize the bathroom and kitchen to rid them of mold and build-up that can trap contaminants

“Allergy-proofing your home this fall isn’t a chore,” says Hughes. “It’s simple! Don’t hesitate to make these tips your own. Give allergy-proofing your own signature style. Experiment and see what works best for you and your family.”

AllerEase products include protectors for both pillows and mattresses (AllerEase Classic, AllerEase Microfiber, AllerEase Cotton and AllerEase Deluxe) as well as bed pillows (AllerEase Cotton and AllerEase Deluxe). AllerEase products are sold at leading retailers throughout the country. Learn more about AllerEase and allergy-proofing by visiting www.aller-ease.com.