Are you among the millions of people who struggle to fall asleep every night?

Tranquility™ is the #1 selling weighted blanket brand, helping calm and comfort millions who have trouble sleeping.

tranquility weighted blanket on couch
Tranquility weighted blanket on chair

Weighted Blankets

Tranquility weighted blankets are designed to help adults and children relax, so they can rest, recharge, or sleep more comfortably. The top-rated Tranquility™ weighted blanket has an innovative fill that blends weighted beads in a fiber matrix for maximum comfort, then uses a box quilt to prevent the weighted fill from shifting. Available at leading retailers in stores and online!

Product Innovation

Design and materials for enhanced comfort and performance

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Removable Covers

Protect your blanket with the convenience of a washable cover

temperature balance

Temperature balancing
fabric technology

Provides comfort in any temperature


fabric technology

Cool to the touch comfort